5 Fast Steps to Achieving Happiness Through Focus

The importance of focus in achieving our goals cannot be overstated. The barrier to achieving our goals is often simply a matter of trying to do too much, too fast. Life in the modern world is complex, and busy. Simplifying our lives and a healthy dose of minimalism can allow us to achieve focus and move forward.

Set Your Priorities

What is the single most important goal in your life? Spend the time necessary to answer this question. To not do so is to build your life on a foundation of sand.

Break it Down

What are the necessary steps to take you in the direction you want to go?

Deeds, Not Words

Consistent, repeated action, not talk or study, will move you toward your target.

Stay Focused

Avoid distraction. Do not go off on a tangent that will take you away from your path. Use triggers to keep your goal in the forefront on your mind. Remind yourself constantly of why your goal is so important to you.

 Rest and Reset

Once you have taken action and observed the results, adjust and take action again. If you feel burnout, boredom, frustration, or fatigue, step away. Take a break. Temporarily remove your focus. Then review why the goal is so important and begin again.

You can achieve many things, but you will experience your greatest success if you work at them one at a time.

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