A Philosophy for Happy Living


Why is this site called Dirty Red Hat? Simple. All the other names were taken, I have a dirty red hat, and I thought dirtyredhat.com had a nice ring to it. There’s no accounting for taste.

What is this site about? It centers on a Philosophy for Living. It is designed to make your life happier, and perhaps contribute to making the world a better place. A place you can come for a fast, easy boost to push your life in a positive direction. This site is my small effort at nudging us in a better direction.

Who am I? My name is Archie and I have survived many great challenges including financial catastrophes, health crises, and personal losses. Despite this, I have learned to survive and thrive. I am no longer young but I am much wiser than I once was, and I share what I have learned with those who are interested.

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Have fun!