“A thousand words leave not the same deep impression as does a single deed.” ― Henrik Ibsen”

I love to just sit and think, to reflect, to meditate on an idea, but I must remind myself that nothing happens until I take action.

Sir Isaac Newton could have been studying someone like me when he came up with his laws of motion. When I am sitting around being a couch potato I tend to want to stay sitting, but once I get moving I enjoy it so much that I want to remain in motion.

There comes a point when you just need to “do”, whether you think you have designed the perfect plan or not because there is no perfect plan.

Following are some quotes I have pasted in my Journal to remind myself of the importance of this life lesson.


“Starting is the most important step. The first step will move you forward.”


“Established routines will take you further than willpower and good intentions.”


Leonardo’s Principles

“I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do.”



“You are never going to ‘feel like it”.

Mel Robbins


The difference between achieving your goal or not is doing that which is necessary to achieve it whether you feel like it or not.


“If you want to outpace the crowd, you must do the thing that you don’t feel like doing.”


Those who do what others don’t, achieve what others won’t.


The small choices you make each day compound like a penny investment that doubles every day.


“There is one thing that 99% of failures and successful people have in common: they all hate doing the same things. The difference is successful people do them anyway.”

Darren Hardy

Get up and do. Yes,  I mean you. Yes,  I mean now.

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