Archieism: A Philosophy to Live By For Greater Happiness

*photo courtesy of Barbara Mazz
*photo courtesy of Barbara Mazz

One of the fastest ways to achieve UN-happiness, is to buy into some other person, organization, or institutions philosophy 100%. I call my philosophy “Archieism” but you should not follow it. It is my personal Philosophy for Living. You should follow “YourNameHere ism”. There are very dangerous precedents set when you buy into another persons philosophy. Live a Syncretic philosophy. Take lesson from different beliefs. Only take what makes sense to you and fold it into your own Philosophy for Living.

For example, from Buddhist Philosophy I take from the Four Noble Truths and The Eightfold Path. I believe that life involves suffering, suffering comes from desires and attachments, and we can escape suffering through efforts toward right thinking, right action, and right livelihood. However, I don’t believe we are repeatedly reincarnated until we get it right, at least not in any literal way. (If you ask me if I was a Buddhist I will say “no” or ask you “How do you know when you are a Buddhist?“)

I take what I accept and can believe from every philosophy I explore and I put them together into what makes sense for me. Archieism.

What comprises your Philosophy for Living?

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