Are You Tired of Being Pissed Off All The Time?


I just read the “about me“, on the blog “Living Not Wanting“.

In it she says, “a year ago I decided I am tired of being angry and pissed off all the time”.

Simple, but profoundly insightful.

This is a thought that indicates that she’s made a decision to change. And will.

Are you ready for a change?[Tweet “Are You Ready For Change?”]

It isn’t something that happens overnight.

Like getting healthier and fitter, like getting wiser, like becoming wealthier; like most things, it takes time and happens gradually.

The little efforts and nudges each day of your life will manifest over time to become your life.

Maybe it is too big a challenge to imagine being like Matthieu Ricard (he’s been called the happiest man in the world), being happy 100% of the time, but you can stop being “pissed off all the time.”

Start small.

Practice gratitude.

Practice tolerance.

Smile. Inside and out.

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