Better Than Money

You don’t really pay for the things you buy with money. You pay for them with the days of your life. Every time you make a purchase you commit yourself to time spent at work to make the money to pay for it.

Do you ever ask yourself, “would I rather have this new coat (when you likely have several in your closet already) or would I rather have a day of freedom. A day of my life that is irreplaceable. Would I rather spend a day at my job and have this thing, or do without it and spend the day doing what I want.

If you went through all your belongings and sorted out the clothes you never wear, the items you never use, and the impulse buys you could have done with, how much of your free life do they add up to. How many days could you have enjoyed your personal freedom if you had simply passed them up?

Money and things are replaceable. Your life and time are not. Choose carefully.


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