Budgeting, Minimalism, & the Quest for Happiness

For most people budgeting is a chore. Wouldn’t it be nice if it were just a natural part of the flow of your life; something that happened without effort?

Most people with balanced budgets have never put down on paper a written budget.

There is a simple concept called “opportunity cost“, which in essence means that to choose one thing, you must forgo other choices. You can’t have it all.

Know now, that to be happy, you don’t need it all

To be happy, first determine what is truly most important to you, and focus your resources there. Determining what is most important to you can take time, effort, and commitment, but it is essential and worth the effort.

Buying things is often simply an attempt to buy happiness.

It results in closets and garages spilling over with “stuff” that you hoped would make you happy but, in the end, didn’t.

When you fill your life with what matters most, it leaves no room for distractions. It pushes out the extraneous.

When you stop trying to buy happiness, you may find the need for a budget disappears.

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