Minimalism and Assigning Social Value to Our Possessions

  There is a value that we often assign to the material items we own that goes beyond the financial. Why do people own a Rolex when an inexpensive Timex will provide you with the same information. When almost every electronic device we own has a clock built in? All objects carry two attributes; form […]

The Minimalist and The $400 Toaster

I once bought a toaster for nearly $400. When I told people, they thought I had lost it. Doolally. This purchase, and others like it, were based on this premise: Given the choice between two items which will serve the same function, if one is twice the price, but will last 4 times as long, […]

Money: Escaping the Chains That Bind You

Money is important. Money is useful. Money is a tool. Money is paper and metal. Happiness is more important than money. Happiness is more useful than money. Once you have enough money to provide you with food, shelter, and security, money becomes less important. Nearly the entire 7 billion people on this planet spend their […]

How Minimalism Can Make You Rich

Years ago I remember reading Robert T. Kiyosaki’s book, “The Cash Flow Quandrant”. It was a useful and interesting book. My takeaway was simple and, I believe, fundamental concept core to the book’s message. Most people take their income and spend it almost entirely on expenses. That is, they spend it on things that have […]

What Money is For…

There was a time when there was no such thing as money. Seriously, imagine that! People invented money and they did it for a reason. The purpose of money was to facilitate trade. I have something you need but you don’t have something I need, so instead you give me something that represents value (money), […]

Budgeting, Minimalism, & the Quest for Happiness

For most people budgeting is a chore. Wouldn’t it be nice if it were just a natural part of the flow of your life; something that happened without effort? Most people with balanced budgets have never put down on paper a written budget. There is a simple concept called “opportunity cost“, which in essence means […]

The Future. It’s Here. Enjoy it.

We work hard everyday for a better future. We work to make sure tomorrow is a better day, next month is a better month, next year is a better year. 5 year goals. 10 year goals. 20 year goals. Goals for after we’re gone so that our children will have a better life. Our eye […]

Change. Yet Another Path to Happiness.

Change. Some people hate it, while others plead for it. But it is constant and inevitable. And good. You can try to avoid it or you can use it as a vehicle to carry you to greater happiness and contentment. You can let change happen randomly, you can let others affect change, or you can […]

Archieism: A Philosophy to Live By For Greater Happiness

One of the fastest ways to achieve UN-happiness, is to buy into some other person, organization, or institutions philosophy 100%. I call my philosophy “Archieism” but you should not follow it. It is my personal Philosophy for Living. You should follow “YourNameHere ism”. There are very dangerous precedents set when you buy into another persons […]

How to Quit Your Job

Humans are the only animal on the planet who trade their time for a paycheck. The other creatures sharing the planet approach life in a different way. They wake up, fill their bellies and then take the rest of the day off to hang with their friends and relax. Not us. We keeping working and […]