Happiness and Life Beyond Money. First Steps.

  What does happiness and life beyond money look like to you? Have you really ever considered it? Do you believe there will be a time in your life when you will rarely think about money? Life beyond money starts with the idea that you must, at some point, stop worrying and thinking about money. […]

Getting Rich is Actually Easy – Part 2

Getting Rich is Actually Easy – Part 2 This is a follow up to “Getting Rich is Actually Easy – Part 1“ , which you might want to check out if you landed directly here. “Time plus a dime.” Quite a few people contacted me asking how I would go about getting an 8.5% return. […]

Slow Weight Loss Means Permanent, Healthy, Happier Weight Loss

  Learning How to Win: A Search For Meaning Have you ever seen the image of a human face in an inanimate object? I think we’ve all heard the stories of  people who see the face of Jesus in a slice of toast, or a rock, or a piece of fruit. It’s a fundamental part […]

Health, Happiness, and Slowing Down in an Accelerating World

    I remember the world before computers. Just vaguely. I have to really think back. When they began to arrive, we thought they were just something for big business, but then in about the 1970’s we began to see the first versions of home computers. I was so excited when I read about the […]

5 Things You Must Know About Money

Having money can be one of the best things that will ever happen to you. It can provide you with food, security and added comfort. It can also be one of the worst things that can happen to you. Money in itself will not solve your problems. Wise people through the ages have repeatedly learned […]

Happiness, Minimalism, and Escaping Debt Forever

The Sentinelese people are possibly the most remote tribe in existence. They live on the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal and little is known about them as they’ve resisted contact with outsiders. Wander onto their island and you’ll be met with a hail of arrows. Even though we know little about the Sentinelese, […]

How Our Life and Business Were Destroyed And We Thrived

  Sometime during my youth, I picked up the belief that money was very important. Maybe more important than anything. It probably was founded on the belief that if I had money things would be easier and I would be happy. So without an education, mentors, or any reason to believe I deserved to succeed, […]

Understanding Investing for The Beginner: Part 2

OK, we’re back for Part 2. If you haven’t read Part 1, go back here and have a quick read. Then join us for Part 2. Let’s start by giving my personal explanation of what those fancy words “Yield” and “Capital Gain” mean. To me, a Capital Gain is simply when the value of something […]

Understanding Investing for the Beginner: Part 1

  When it comes to making money, I have made many, many mistakes. Unfortunately, I didn’t have anyone to teach me. Fortunately, I didn’t give up. I’ve learned a lot. For those of you interested, I hope to save you some of my pain and accelerate the process, so you can earn enough money to […]

How a Regular Savings Habit Made T. Johnson $70 million

  The story of Theodore Johnson has become the stuff of legend. How a man who never made more than $14,000 per year came to be worth $70 million dollars naturally got a lot of peoples attention. He did it simply by saving. He treated his saving as an obligation just like paying taxes or […]