How Much Is Enough?

Cere Im so cute~
Happiness is a full belly, a warm, safe place, and a friend to play with.

Humans have been hunter gatherers for hundreds of thousands of years, millions of years in our complete evolutionary history. Each day we awoke with our empty bellies telling us urgently to get up and search for food. To ignore this meant to risk death.

In recent history we have mastered acquisition of resources to such a point as to render its urgency nil. But after all this time, it is a hard habit to break. Most humans continue to work to amass resources well past the point necessary to provide reasonable security. Still they continue to hunt and gather at the expense of others and the environment which sustains them.
So, how much is enough? Most animals are satisfied once they have a full stomach. Others might gather enough to carry them through a season when resources will be scarce. Some humans have enough resources (in the form of money) which would sustain them and their families through hundreds of lifetimes.


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