How To Be Unhappy: Buy More Stuff

Look in your closet. Now imagine that every item in there had a string tied to it at one end and to you at the other. Now think of everything you own, in every room, closet, drawer, cupboard, and box, all with strings connecting you to them. Now try to walk away.

There is an expression which says “You don’t own your stuff. Your stuff owns you.”

The more stuff you accumulate the less freedom you have, and the more time you have to spend taking care of your stuff.

Ultimately all stuff breaks. Usually when you’re trying to use it. This leads to frustration, possibly anger, and negative emotions in general.

Now you have to fix it. Or spend money to replace it. And/or spend time, money and effort to get rid of it.

Now imagine you owned very little stuff. Now, instead, you have more money, more time, more space, more freedom.


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