Letting Go of Wrong Thinking

Many scholarly books and articles have been written on the topic of the two drivers of our thoughts and actions; the emotions and the intellect. Each serves its purpose, but when the emotions take control they can lead you down a path of wrong thinking leading away from your goal of happiness.
A great deal of attention is currently focused on the practice of meditation. In its most fundamental form meditation directs you to focus on your breathing in order to calm the torrent of thoughts that rage through your mind in a never ending cascade. A teacher of meditation will train you to recognize thoughts as they come into your mind and immediately let go of them and refocus on your breathing.
A similar technique can be used to combat wrong thinking. When the emotions trigger thoughts of anger, frustration, violence, sadness, depression, or any other negative thoughts, we can train ourselves to recognize that they are only thoughts, a manifestation of our perception. Let them go. Take a breath, smile,  and focus on something else that will take you to a better place.
Master this skill and it will make for a happier life.

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