Be Mindful of Wrong Thinking

Being Mindful of Wrong Thinking
Be Mindful of Wrong Thinking


Be Mindful of Wrong Thinking and Let It  Pass Like Dissipating Clouds.

Wrong thinking can manifest itself in many ways.

  • Fighting mental battles with others that will only ever happen in your mind.
  • Imaging problems or worst outcomes that have extremely remote chances of every occurring.
  • Insistence on winning an argument or on “being right.”
  • Blaming others when things don’t go as you wanted.
  • Taking things personally when things go wrong.
  • Anger because others don’t act the way you think they should.

There are many forms Wrong Thinking can take. As they say, “You’ll know it when you see it.” or in this case “think it.”

When this happens practice letting these thoughts go. Don’t own them. They are just thoughts.



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