Money: Escaping the Chains That Bind You

Chains that bind

Money is important.

Money is useful.

Money is a tool.

Money is paper and metal.

Happiness is more important than money.

Happiness is more useful than money.

Once you have enough money to provide you with food, shelter, and security, money becomes less important.

Nearly the entire 7 billion people on this planet spend their days thinking about money and how to get more of it.

Most buildings which are not residential, are to house an institution who’s objective is to acquire more money.

Humans have been hunting and gathering resources for so many generations that we have failed to notice something.

We now have enough resources to feed, house, and cloth everyone on the planet.

We can slow down now.

We can stop exploiting.

We can stop feeling so stressed, frustrated, and angry.

We can afford to share.

We can afford to go for walks, spend more time with friends and family, grow and learn.

We can afford to spend more time focused on how to make ourselves and others happier.

But we are bound by conditioning, and social customs. We teach our children to repeat our mistakes.

We perpetuate our journey down a wrong path.

We are bound by chains of habit hundreds of thousands of years old.

We need to change our thinking.

We need a new philosophy for living.

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