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Patterns of successful weight loss
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Learning How to Win: A Search For Meaning

Have you ever seen the image of a human face in an inanimate object? I think we’ve all heard the stories of  people who see the face of Jesus in a slice of toast, or a rock, or a piece of fruit. It’s a fundamental part of how we learn. It’s our way of understanding how things work, and by doing so, discovering what will work for us in our search for happiness.

Sometimes we can see the patterns in failure. It helps us identify what doesn’t work. At other times we see the patterns in success.

It’s all about examining the data, which amounts to what we see, hear, read, and experience in the course of our lives.

The problem with examining the data, especially in the information age, is that there’s so damn much of it! Some lessons can take many lifetimes to learn. This is why parents teach their children lessons they’ve learned. It’s why books are written, and educational institutions offer us the knowledge and lessons of those who came before us. Arguably the greatest invention ever, the computer, is simply a machine to process data faster. It looks for the patterns. Sadly, a great bulk of the data analysis is processed for the purpose of learning how to  sell us more and not to make us happier.

The Good News

The patterns for attaining a health weight have been observed and repeated successfully. I firmly believe this. Ten of millions of people have lost weight successfully (part 1) and kept it off long term (part2). I know this because I was very, very overweight at one time in my life, and very, very unhealthy. Although I still have weight which I will lose, and there are ways I can still improve towards a healthier lifestyle, I am in much better shape than I have ever been in this regard. And I am moving in a positive direction.

There is no “key to weight loss.” There are many, many keys. Each one opens a door that brings you closer to where you want to be. We must go through each door, one at a time, and very importantly, we must close the door behind us and never go back through it, but move forward to the next.

One of the keys involves the speed of change. It applies to all habits. The pattern of failure that repeats itself here is that if you adopt change too quickly, you will lose it just as quickly. If you adopt it slowly until it becomes your new normal, you will internalize it. It becomes a part of the new you, and can last forever.

It seems obvious doesn’t it? Lose weight fast and fail. Lose weight slowly and succeed. Don’t let the desire for instant gratification defeat you.

Why to Lose Weight Slowly

If you’ve scanned this article and jumped down to this point, you are looking for easy, instant gratification. I do it all the time. But I only do it with things of a low priority. If losing weight and being healthy is a high priority go back and read the post in full.

Of course the number one reason to lose weight slowly is because the slower you take it off, the longer you keep it off. In fact, do it right and you’ll keep it off forever.

When you try to lose weight fast, it’s hard on the body. You deprive it of vital nutrients it needs to be happy and healthy. Do this to your body and it will fight you. It will do everything it can to defeat you. Losing weight slowly while feeding your body nutrient dense foods will make it easy on your body and it will work with you to attain an ideal level of health.[Tweet “Deprive your body of vital nutrients and it will fight you in your attempt to attain a healthy weight…”]

How to Lose Weight Slowly.

Capture the Win.

Here’s a money making tip. The best way to make money in the stock market is to simply not be in it at the wrong time. The market tends to grow gradually and then drop precipitously in a short time. If you have been doing very well with your investments, get out of the market. Don’t let greed and fear of loss take you down. Don’t be around when the crash comes. You don’t need to make huge returns in the short term. You need to make average returns over the long term and capture them.

Weight loss is similar.

I had a pattern of failure in earlier approaches to losing weight. I would plod along doing well, but when I felt I wasn’t succeeding I would throw off the reins and go nuts. I’d just eat whatever I wanted. Quickly, any success I had experienced was lost and often I ended up worse than where I began.

So the simple solution (which will sound ridiculous at first glance) is simply not to gain weight! During those phases where you are not losing, don’t allow frustration to set in. Don’t allow yourself to go hog wild. Just aim for maintaining your current weight and not gaining. In military parlance they would say “Hold your ground.” When you are ready, work at losing a little more. And, like your investment, capture the win.[Tweet “For Successful Weight Loss, Capture The Win…”]

There are many other keys to losing weight loss that I will touch on in the future. How to make dietary changes that will nudge you toward your goal. How exercise shouldn’t be exercise. But for today lets just get through this one door and close it firmly behind you. And throw away the key.

Have a happy, slow day!



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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. Great post!
    For me personally, I gave myself 2 yrs to lose the weight since it took me 2 yrs to put it on. 7 months in I’m more than happy with my results of losing 56.7lbs. I think all to often people want the quick fix, instead of making it a lifestyle change. Each of us need to find what works for us and keep with it.

    1. So many people are suffering with obesity, and I am very grateful that you’ve taken the time to give some inspiration to those still looking for the answer. You’ve succeeded on both fronts; losing weight and helping others. Well done!

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