How Our Life and Business Were Destroyed And We Thrived

  Sometime during my youth, I picked up the belief that money was very important. Maybe more important than anything. It probably was founded on the belief that if I had money things would be easier and I would be happy. So without an education, mentors, or any reason to believe I deserved to succeed, […]

The Minimalist and The $400 Toaster

I once bought a toaster for nearly $400. When I told people, they thought I had lost it. Doolally. This purchase, and others like it, were based on this premise: Given the choice between two items which will serve the same function, if one is twice the price, but will last 4 times as long, […]

Wabi Sabi

Yes, it’s a funny name. Wabi Sabi is a comprehensive Japanese worldview. Essentially Wabi Sabi means that everything is impermanent and nothing is perfect. Accept this and you won’t need to feel distressed when things don’t work out perfectly. Accept this and you can accept outcomes no matter what they are, as natural.