Money: Escaping the Chains That Bind You

Money is important. Money is useful. Money is a tool. Money is paper and metal. Happiness is more important than money. Happiness is more useful than money. Once you have enough money to provide you with food, shelter, and security, money becomes less important. Nearly the entire 7 billion people on this planet spend their […]

Instant Gratification and The Danger of Fast Money

A Fool and Their Money are Soon Parted I once knew someone who came into significant money while quite young. I believe it destroyed his life. The world of lottery winners is replete with tales of lives turned into chaos, ruined by receiving the tool without the training. It is like giving a Lamborghini to […]

Money: A Byproduct, Not a Goal

There is a mysterious phenomenon that affects business people. We go in to business to make money. That’s naturally enough, as the sole purpose of business is to make a profit. However, many of the greatest business people in history will tell you that there comes a point when you realize that it was not […]

How Minimalism Can Make You Rich

Years ago I remember reading Robert T. Kiyosaki’s book, “The Cash Flow Quandrant”. It was a useful and interesting book. My takeaway was simple and, I believe, fundamental concept core to the book’s message. Most people take their income and spend it almost entirely on expenses. That is, they spend it on things that have […]

What Money is For…

There was a time when there was no such thing as money. Seriously, imagine that! People invented money and they did it for a reason. The purpose of money was to facilitate trade. I have something you need but you don’t have something I need, so instead you give me something that represents value (money), […]

Believe in Yourself

Doubt is the enemy of belief. When doubt creeps in, tell yourself to “let it go”, take a breath, and focus your thoughts. Aim high but keep it real. Aim beyond your current level. Aim for growth. Find reasons to believe. Use every success, large or small, to reinforce your self-belief. Try. Never stop trying. […]

Money vs Resources and the Quest for Happiness

  Everyday millions of people ask a simple question: “How much is it?” They want something and they want to know how much it costs. By cost they mean how much money. In the quest for happiness, it may be wiser to to replace the word money with the word resources. Resources includes much more […]

Budgeting, Minimalism, & the Quest for Happiness

For most people budgeting is a chore. Wouldn’t it be nice if it were just a natural part of the flow of your life; something that happened without effort? Most people with balanced budgets have never put down on paper a written budget. There is a simple concept called “opportunity cost“, which in essence means […]

The Future. It’s Here. Enjoy it.

We work hard everyday for a better future. We work to make sure tomorrow is a better day, next month is a better month, next year is a better year. 5 year goals. 10 year goals. 20 year goals. Goals for after we’re gone so that our children will have a better life. Our eye […]

The Past: Give It a Short Shelf Life

The past was filled with times both good and bad. Visit it only for brief periods of inspiration and enjoyment. A short time to reflect on moments that make you happy in the present. Those times in the past that were bad, were really just lessons. Never reflect back on the moments of suffering, but […]