The Minimalist and The $400 Toaster

Dualit 4 Slice Toaster

I once bought a toaster for nearly $400. When I told people, they thought I had lost it. Doolally.

This purchase, and others like it, were based on this premise:

Given the choice between two items which will serve the same function, if one is twice the price, but will last 4 times as long, it is the better buy. Over time, the cost of it was lower.


Besides the long term savings, there are other benefits to this approach:

The better quality item usually does a better job.

If you suddenly don’t want it anymore, the better quality item generally has high demand and good resale value. Most cheap items have little or no resale value and low demand.

Caveat: High price does not necessarily mean high quality. Low price does not mean poor quality. Buy quality.

Tip: To be even more prudent, buy your $400 toaster used.




  1. I think you are my brother-from-another-mother. My husband and I currently have an outrageously expensive down comforter. It’s so warm that we have to wait until the very cold weather is here and then keep the thermostat set very low or else we’re too hot. It saves us a bunch of money on our heating, meaning less energy use which is a plus for the planet and our budget. And it gives us everyday enjoyment and luxury. Well worth the initial price.

    1. Thanks for the reminder! I intended to mention the benefits that come from owning a quality item as well. They just do the job better, where as junk seems to always let you down. Thanks again and don’t forget to have some fun today.

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