What Money is For…

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There was a time when there was no such thing as money. Seriously, imagine that!

People invented money and they did it for a reason.

The purpose of money was to facilitate trade. I have something you need but you don’t have something I need, so instead you give me something that represents value (money), that I can trade later, or to someone else, for something I do need. Usually, it was food, shelter, or security. Basic resources. Needs. Simple enough.

Then somewhere along the way we forgot what money was for.

We started confusing wants with needs.

We need basic resources to be happy.

We want more than our basic needs because…hmmm. Good Question. We’ll save that one for later.

Money, and the pursuit of money, has caused more unhappiness than happiness.[Tweet “It’s Time To Remember What Truly Makes Us Happy…”]

It’s time to remember what truly gives us happiness, and put money back in it’s place.

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